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Dr. Coffee’s Cafe is becoming Noni’s Prairie Cafe

Sheri said it best in one of her first Facebook business posts: “We’re taking a good thing up a notch”!

While Dr. Coffee’s Cafe has been closed for a few weeks, we have still been very busy forging a new partnership and most importantly, a new friendship too. The cafe itself has been a hive of activity as well, hidden behind the cryptic messages on the door. Teams of wonderful volunteers have been pulling long hours to give the cafe a complete new look, and we are proud and excited to bring Noni’s Prairie Cafe to life! Sheri and Patrick are the new owner-managers, with Annabel offering some guidance and coffee geekery as they get started. Noni’s is the nickname given to one of Sheri’s two daughters, and is also coincidentally the name of a plant related to the coffee tree! Noni’s Prairie Cafe will offer fresh, local eats from an expanded menu and great coffees in a cheerful and very colourful space in downtown Regina. We are opening the doors again on Wednesday 6th July and we’d be delighted to welcome you all to our new cafe!

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