Fabulous February

It has been a busy month at the cafe already! First of all, we are delighted to welcome aboard Erin to the good ship Coffee. She is now our morning barista, replacing Lorena who has gone adventuring in BC. Erin is learning fast, so please pop in and meet her properly soon.

On Friday 12th, we hosted some cyclists on their Winter Bike to Work day. Typically, Friday was actually the coldest day of that week, but at least it wasn’t a normal Saskatchewan day in February! For the record, Dr. Coffee only didn’t cycle in because her trike parked in a puddle, and thus frozen to the ground…

This week we are still serving our Love Potion No. 9 latte (kudos for anyone who gets the reference) – Valentines shouldn’t just be one day, spread the love all year round! This may be your only chance to try a pink coffee too.
For eats, we are doing some kid-pleasing snacks as they are all off school this week: we have ne w quinoa and local grain granola bars from The Local Bar via Local and Fresh. There’s also some new sweet treats for all – biscotti that are perfect for dunking in coffee, and a decadent chocolate tort.  Soup Simply’s soup is Beef, Barley and Veg.

New dark roast this week is Ethiopian Kochere – rich, velvety smooth and a bit smokey, with a distinctly nutty aftertaste. Dr. Coffee also got another shipment of beans for retail, so look out for new Tanzanian, Peruvian and Honduran beans in store soon.

Finally, we are looking to increase our range of books for sale! Our range of FREE used books is getting pretty large nowadays, and the locally-written Nanowrimo books published by our own Procaffeinated Press have proved far more popular than expected. Therefore we will soon be stocking more new books with a strong focus on local authors and children’s literature. Come have a browse soon!

As always, Nick, Erin and Bel are raring and ready to go with your coffee delivery orders, so please give us a call with your office caffeine needs. Call 306 520-4971 and we’ll happily drop it off at your door!