Coffee is our passion, and you can try it three ways: straightforward drip coffee, luxurious espresso, or our specialty: the pourover!

Are you in need of coffee for a large group? Please check out our Coffee Catering page for information on our office delivery service.

Our coffee is roasted especially for us by The Green Spot, in downtown Regina. Sunshine and Gary have years of experience in roasting and make some of the best java in the city! Dr Coffee’s Cafe has its own unique blend of coffee named ‘Miranda’s Blend’ after Bel’s daughter, who helped design it!

teaWe serve a large range of loose leaf teas from Cuppa T’s (13th Ave, Regina). There are loads to choose from, including everyday staples like our favourite creamy Earl Grey, green teas and mates, rooibos and herbal or fruit tea blends, and exotic creations like Rhubarb Sun and Fireside Chai. All served properly, in a teapot!

Alongside our drinks, we also offer breakfast and lunch menus featuring, amongst other things, bagels, muffins, cinnamon buns, paninis, soup, quiche, savoury empanadas and plenty of sweet bakery. There is also a Kids’ menu with smaller sandwiches and treats available. We aim to keep the food as locally produced as possible: our treats come from Koko bakery and many of our other suppliers are vendors on Regina Farmers’ Market! Keeping everything local also ensures our food is as fresh as possible as well. We hope you enjoy the best of Saskatchewan produce!

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