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Inspired by our love of books and coffee-fueled creativity, Dr. Coffee’s Cafe has now become home to Procaffeinated Press, a tiny micro-publishing project!

Procaffeinated Press is a not-for-profit operation, publishing books for general amusement for cafe customers. Our authors can choose whether to sell the books online and in the cafe itself, or simply publish to the cafe’s library – for public consumption but not for sale.This allows new writers to gain some feedback and critiques in a supportive environment, (and often as not, the motivation to edit it properly too) – whilst under no pressure to make sales until they are ready. And everyone loves seeing their work in shiny Real Book form!

We will consider all submissions, but we are big fans of far-fetched fiction, comedy and very silly fantasy.

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Procaffeinated Press: for when you don’t start writing until you’ve had your coffee!


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