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Once again, it has been a busy month at Dr. Coffee’s Cafe! The best news for everyone who orders coffee deliveries from us is that the bike (or trike) deliveries are back! Annabel will be negotiating the potholes loaded up with coffee canisters, with baby Theia on board too! We have got to get the practice in to do the Wheelie Good Coffee cart again on the plaza markets – the cart will be back on the Farmer’s Market in early May.


We hope you had a lovely Easter! If you somehow didn’t get enough eggs this weekend, (the real kind, not the chocolate ones), our Sandwich Special is an egg and ham salad. It may not be the most obvious thing to toast in a panini press, but we promise it is really tasty!  For those of you who haven’t had their fill of chocolate, we also have a very decadent Chocolate Pizza from Ogema’s Solo Italia. Think oven-fired crispy Italian pizza dough, topped with hazelnuts and Nutella… so, so good!

Coffees this week are a light roasted Indian Monsooned Malabar (great on drip, even better as a pour over), and the dark smokey Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Rather randomly, Annabel was invited for interview on CJTR’s Queen City Improvement Bureau show, where she got to talk coffee, the cafe, why Regina needs more bike paths, and about Procaffeinated Press books in what has to be the most surreal interview ever. Many thanks to the hosts for our official Queen City Improvement Vector certificate!

On 21st March we played host to a wonderful bunch of writers and poets on World Poetry Day. For one day only, we allowed customers to “pay with a poem”, and if they recited their work at the till, they were rewarded with coffee. The results were extremely impressive, we had far more poets than expected and we even made it on to CBC news! A small film crew arrived on our doorstep that morning, which was more than a little intimidating!

If that brush with fame wasn’t enough, later on in the week local blogger Justin Reves paid us a visit for his #AroundYQR project. He wrote us a lovely review with some beautiful photographs, available here:

Finally, we are very honoured to have been nominated for no less than four Best of Food and Drink awards in Prairie Dog magazine; Best Barista (Annabel) Best Latte, Best plain old cup of coffee, and Best Coffee Shop to Read a Book In. Many, many thanks to everyone who nominated us; now we just have to get the votes in!! If you love our coffee shop as much as we do, please take 5 minutes and vote for us at We offer eternal gratitude, good karma and that warm fuzzy feeling in return!


As the kids are off school this week, we are beginning our new ‘Read a Latte’ series, featuring book readings from local authors. Join us this Wednesday 30th to hear Saskatchewan writer Tara Gereaux read from her latest book, Size of a Fist. Published in October 2015 and already nominated for two awards at the 2016 Saskatchewan book awards, this dark, gritty young adult novel is about growing up in difficult circumstances, where the suggestion of violence hovers beneath the surface of every relationship.

That’s all for now (we promise!). Have a great, coffee-fueled week!

Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions!
You may have noticed the typewriter in the cafe. Or the paperback copies of Nanowrimo novels. Or the immense book exchange. In short, we rather like literature at Dr. Coffee’s. So, with the help of Procaffeinated Press we are putting together a little coffee shop anthology and we want your contributions!

Anything is acceptable – poems, rants, essays, journal entries, random musings, fiction, terrible jokes, doodles, art and graphics, even typing practice on the typewriter. You can be as anonymous as you like as well. The only requirement is that you write your stuff actually in the cafe!!

Want to see your stuff in print? Just drop in the big envelope next to the typewriter, or email it to



Procaffeinated Press

Throughout November, we have been playing host to a group of Extreme Writers, all participating in Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month, where participants try to write a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days.
We held a Night of Novelling Insanity on 1st Nov, staying open until 2am (with plenty of coffee!) so they could all start writing at exactly midnight. Since then, impromptu “write-ins” have been happening in here, fuelled by a Motivational Coffees – you get a free refill for every 1000 words you write in the cafe.
We have been asked repeatedly,  what is the point of these novels? What do you do with them? The idea behind Nanowrimo is not to compete as such, it is based on honesty with the word counts, and there are no prizes. It simply forces you to write. At the end of the month, you have a huge manuscript to feel proud of, and you can spend the rest of the year to edit it.
Quite a few novellists never get around to even printing their books though, let alone editing them into something readable. So, after some intense discussions we have decided to conduct a social experiment in the cafe:

We will publish all the novels. Typos, heinous grammar crimes, implausible plot twists and all.

Any brave Nanowrimo Novellist (or anyone else, for that matter) can send their novel to the cafe email address in December, and we will print and bind two copies so that it actually looks like a book. One copy goes to the author, one will stay in the cafe to be read by all and sundry. Hopefully the author will get some feedback on their work too!

Procaffeinated Press: when you put off writing your novel until you’ve had coffee.